Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy new year!

Well as the old year rolls over and the new one comes I decided to create a greeting card. Unfortunately I won't have the time to finish it, so anyway here it is:

I wish everybody all the best in 2006. May we be good to each other.
The only wish I have for myself is to be in good health. I know if I work hard enough and give my best the rest will come along.

The letters on the flag are an abreviation of Happy New Year in Bulgarian: Честита Нова Година - ЧНГ.

Finally, this is a study of a head by J.S. Sargent. He's one of my favourite artists. It was done in ~50 minutes. Something like a speed paint from reference:

You might call it a painting, as far as speed is concerned...

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Another one

Started working on it yesterday and finished today. I think it turned out slightly better than the previous one.

Haven't decided yet what I'll do next, still pondering...

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Asylum opens its doors for visitors

Hello everyone, my name is Angel (aka lunatik) - a student from Bulgaria with passion for drawing.

I'm creating this blog as an online diary, to keep track of my progress as an artist. I've been planning to open my own blog for some time and finally decided to do it.

Let me tell you how al this started... I gained interest in drawing when I bought my tablet (Wacom Volito 2) this summer. The idea was to use it for texturing purposes. But as you can see a twist of events threw me in a slightly different direction. One of the main reasons why I want to learn to draw is because I think it will help me improve my 3D skills, mainly: modeling and texturing. I must admit I didn't dive in then as much as I want now and after a while I gave up. I don't remeber why, I just stopped drawing. After I started my education at the Technical University here in Sofia the desire to draw slowly crept out of the closet and here I find myself today, continuing the struggle and this time (I hope) not giving up.

I hope all this mumble-jumble hasn't scared you away, so without further delay here are my first value studies in Photoshop:

At the moment I'm finding difficulties with color mixing. As you can see everything is splotchy, not smooth enough. Guess I'll have to keep working at it, can't avoid it. Proportions are also a pain in the ass, but I thnik we'll get along.

These were done in early december: